2017 Baypoint MGA 2 day event

Rules sheet

Day 1

2 man Scramble

Each player will hit a tee shot and select the best one and both members hit from there and then pick the best 2nd shot and so forth until the ball is holed.

You may move the ball one club length with preferred lies. Any selected shot from a hazard or trap must remain in the hazard. Ball may be moved within 6 inches on the green.

Handicap based on 35% of lower team member handicap and 15% of higher handicap

Day 2

2 man best ball (also called four ball)

Each player will play their own ball for every shot until holed. Please post your best ball GROSS and NET score on the card. If you are out of the hole please pick up to help speed up play.

Players may lift, clean and place in the fairway only. Ball must be played as it lies in rough and hazards.

Handicap will be 100%

Hole number 5 rule (for this tournament only).

If you play from the #4 tee on hole 5 and hit your tee shot into the hazard you will drop near the point of entry on the same side and hit your 3rd shot. If your second shot from the #4 tee would go into the hazard you may cross the bridge and play your 4th shot from the drop area near the green. Players playing from the #3 tee and hit into the hazard may cross the bridge and play from the drop area (NOT the drop area nearer the green across the 2nd bridge)


There will be 5 teams per flight (based on 20 teams) which will give all teams a better chance to win even if you played poorly on day 1.

Prizes will be paid for overall net winner, overall gross winner, and flight winners.

Lunch will be provided Saturday after golf outside of Club 19 where we will announce the winners.

Good Luck to all and have fun!!



Feb 17 Results
1st was Kuebler’s team with +27 that won $60 each.
2nd was Marti’s team with +19 that won $40 each.
3rd was Cottingham’s team with +8 (tie) that won $30 each.
4th was Johnson’s team with +8 (tie) that won $20 each.
Closest to the Pin were Johnson and Petit for $20 each.
Prize pool was $640.

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